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They had traveled for fifteen or twenty minutes when the limo driver spoke to Jung-Shan. She turned back and said to Jed, “We are being followed. Do you know why someone would be following us?”

What do a Taiwanese businesswoman, two Japanese agents of business espionage, and three cyclists from New Hampshire have in common?

The Spinner, the most radical, revolutionary, technologically sophisticated bicycle drive in history.

Jung-Shan Zheng, director of business development for Taiwan’s Joyful Bike, Ltd., wants the drive so her bicycle company can make the world’s most successful city bike.

The two Japanese business intelligence thieves want to get their hands on the Spinner technology however they can, hoping to sell it for a fortune to one of Joyful Bike’s competitors.

The Americans, MIT grads who invented the Spinner, have lost their chief engineer in a hit-and-run cycling accident. Undaunted, they want to license the technology and team up with Joyful, the biggest bicycle maker on earth, to watch it change the way people bicycle. 

A story of a hit-and-run murder, contemporary entrepreneurship, cutting-edge innovation, business intelligence espionage and cross-cultural romance, Bridge Across the Ocean will keep readers wondering what happens next right up until the last page.