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Zheng Min-Chiang stood, shook hands with Jed, David and Rick, and beckoned them to preassigned seats on the left and right. Jung-Shan sat opposite her father. The lazy Susan went round and round as chopsticks made the entrees disappear. Soon everyone was so full they couldn’t eat another bite, then a fish stew was served. “Soup to warm the tummy, make it happy,” said Jung-Shan. Amazingly, the guys found room for it. Fen yuan, a delicious dessert pastry, concluded.

Mr. Zheng turned to Jed and said, “What is your philosophy of bicycling?”

Jed was caught off guard and wondered how he was supposed to respond to such a question. “Well, Smithworks, even before when it was Jet Cycling, was started on the premise that only the highest quality materials and workmanship mattered, and–”

“I will tell you my philosophy, learned from Confucius,” Zheng interrupted. “Confucius say, whatever path you take in life, go with all of your heart. This is a good philosophy. I always feel in my heart that the bicycle is my destiny, even when I was a young boy growing up in China. With my heart I followed this path all my life. I give this path to my daughter and to every people who make Joyful bikes, and those people who ride them. I am sixty-seven years old and I still ride my bicycle. I ride my bicycle to live for a very long time.” He smiled around the table. “Each year I take my best of Joyful employees on a ride all around the island of Taiwan. I tell them another Confucius philosophy: It does not matter how slow you go, but do not stop. Ha!” Everyone laughed with him.

Wucan at Joyful Bike